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    • Balloon Sculpture II

      Lately, I am learning how to do more sculpture balloons. Not that I am going to be a clown. :giggles: My church is having a fun event for children. It has lots of children activities and fun fair type of games. If you are in Penang and would like to go, ping me.

      Of coz, I volunteer myself to do balloon sculpturing. I found a collection of videos of an expect doing different balloon sculpturing. He is good, professional, can even knot a balloon with one hand. I learn to do a cool sword, flower and butterfly by watching those videos. The website: Videos here. Now my house is filled with sculptured balloon and I need to get more. Now anyone want to invite me to your child’s birthday party?

      One tip I learn about balloon sculpturing that is to prevent the balloon from popping, you let out some air after you inflate it. You need to even out the air in the balloon. It is very fun thing to do as I love doing things with my hands. Try it and you will never need to queue infront of a clown to get balloons for your kids.

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    7 Responses to “Balloon Sculpture II”

    1. CAn make some for Darrius???? 😀

    2. Wah! So nice…. can give free lesson next time. BTW, I tagged you!

    3. wow….not bad ya, mich! Next time come down bring balloon ya 🙂

    4. Coincidentally, we are looking for someone to do balloon sculpture for Zerlynde’s birthday party next sat! Will you be in KL by any chance? 😉

    5. I am sure kids like to stick to your instead of clown, coz clown has colorful face which might frightened some kids.

    6. Angeleyes: Sure, next time I bring it over to you. By the way, I ran out of balloon, need to find some good quality balloons.

      Sharine: Thanks.

      Chinnee: I am looking for good quality balloons.

      Hooi Lin: Sorry, that sat is the Kids Fun Time for my church.

      Jess: Yeah I can imagine the kids surrounding me now.

    7. […] Langkawi on 26th September and in fact our rooms and air tickets have been booked yesterday. Sorry Mich we won’t be able to make it to Genting earlier coz my nieces are still in their final exams. […]