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      Today I took my children to watch a French tale of a rat mouse called Ratatouille. Ratatouille is actually a French dish. You ask what a French dish has to do with a mouse? I am not going to tell you. I must say the plot was very well written and the movie was filled with action, humorous and of coz a good ending. All fairy tales has a good ending, right?

      It is a story of a talented mouse that has a gift of smelling. He can smell where the good food is, the spices around and even rat poison. He is different from all his other friends. He is one daring mouse. He went into an old lady house to watch a TV cooking show that feature the famous chef named Gusteau. And that’s where his adventure begins. Watch it, my children loves it. I give it a 4 out of 5. :good: :good: :good: :good: It is a very inspiring story too.

      Published on August 18, 2007 · Filed under: Movie;

    5 Responses to “Rat-A-Too-Ee”

    1. I am going to bring the girls to watch this movie too, by next weekend.

    2. me too…i felt bad promising my belle that I will bring her for movie last thursday but did not coz she was still coughing.

      jess, u coming to MP to watch ah? we go together? 😉

    3. i love the show…we went this am also.with 3 other bloggers haha

    4. Wow…I plan to bring my son to watch either on Wed or Thu since it is school holiday…it will be his first visit to cinema..

    5. I can’t wait to watch this, I have heard nothing but great reviews on this show!