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      How many of you like to flip channel with the remote control? I am guilty of doing this all the time. Now I cannot do this especially when the children are around. It is always 2 against 1. When the channel land on a cartoon show, I can flip no further. I have to stop for them to watch until the show is over. Darn….

      That is why I am now here blogging instead. Tim wants to watch the cartoon and I have to let him. Oh well, now you know how much control I have over the TV.

      Here is Malaysia, there are only 5 channels for me to flip, RTM1, RTM2, TV3, NTV7 and TV9. Not that many huh? Yeah I don’t have Astro. It is a good thing. Spend more time on useful stuff. I wish they have a feeder for TV in one channel, just like blogs.

      Published on August 26, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting, TV;

    3 Responses to “Channel Flipping”

    1. Yeah…I fully understood of no controlling over TV…he,he…I only able to watch TV channel only when both that time, I also either fall asleep while TV on, or half awake which doesn’t know what is happening….he,he…rather save money doesn’t have TV at all…ha,ha

    2. I don’t have control over the TV too.
      The TV is off when Zara isn’t watching her show.
      And we don’t have Astro too.. what’s the point, since we are not TV people. My nieces actually asked how as a family we can survive w/out Astro..

      So I found another family who did!

    3. Eh.. how come u don’t hv 8TV? XY’ll hog the TV in the day time. At nite, it’s our turn. And I’m one of those who can’t live w/o Astro.