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      When my children wake up from sleep or nap, it is very fortunate that they are not grumpy or moody. First thing Tim wakes up, he will go downstairs to look for the daddy as he knows daddy wakes up early. As for Emily, she can snores in deep sleep and next moment her eyes will be wide open looking for me.

      Today we wanted to go out for dinner and Emily hasn’t waked up from her nap. She was snoring. Daddy whispered some secret words into her ears. She tried to open her eyes, after a few tries, she succeeded and woke up straight. Guess what those words are?

      By the way, our record time from waking our children up from nap to getting out of the house is 15 minutes. Cool isn’t it? 😎

      Secret Words: Want to eat your blue ice-cream? Some of you had it correct. Bravo! :good:

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      Published on August 26, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy;

    7 Responses to “Wake Up Call”

    1. Geee…I never dare to wake up my sons ler….I bet Jona sure ‘bomb’ me if I do so….so, usually, I will wait till they wake up lor…..secret word: “Wake up and go kai kai lor”…. πŸ˜€

    2. Wow, 15 mins to get ready to go out? That’s really super duper fast. I need at least 2 hrs to get my 2 gals ready – got to drink milk, poo poo, eat breakfast, take bath, dilly dally and that takes 2 hrs!

    3. ya..daddy must be saying ” we go kai kai lo! Fast fast wake up lo”

    4. Mr. Loong must have said: “Let’s go and get ice-cream”

      Wow! To wake and go out of the house in 15 minutes?! DAT’S A RECORD! No need to change? U are lucky. It’ll take me about 5-10 minutes for me to get Des out of bed every morning and from her naps.

    5. wei, if no need take bath, sure can lar… πŸ˜†

      His secret word: Let’s go play ground!

    6. They wake up from name, you don’t have to bath them before going out one ah? 15mins? Ours will be 45mins the least. πŸ™

    7. I bet he said something about food. Ice cream would waken me in high spirits. πŸ™‚