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    • Parenting Tip #1: Clean Your Child’s Nose

      I am starting a series of parenting tips here. I would like to share my ideas on some of the success I had with my children. These tips may or may not work with your child because children are born with different characteristics. If it works, please drop a comment.

      Many children do not like you to touch their nose or clean it. They will yell and scream if you ever go near to it. It happens when they are baby up until 2 or 3 years old. As they grow older, they probably will let you clean without any problem.

      How do you overcome that? Firstly, you need to take the “pain” out of the picture. Maybe first time when you clean their nose, they felt the pain. After that, they will not trust you with their nose. You can play a “nose touching game” with them. You request your child to touch your nose and you touch theirs without inflicting pain. After many times of letting you touch their nose, they will trust you with their nose.

      When they trust you with their nose, you try to clean in gently without inflicting any pain. Simple. Bottom line is when you touch their nose, it is not always cleaning and let them feel that it can be fun too. Believe me, once they trust you with their nose, you can even put nose drop without any problem. Funny, now my children like to squeeze my nose, inflicting pain on me.

      Published on August 29, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting, Parenting Tip;

    3 Responses to “Parenting Tip #1: Clean Your Child’s Nose”

    1. Hi… thanks for sharing this.
      I have this problem , Jeremy really dun like me to clean and touch his noise, everytime i try to clean, he will either turn his head off or scream and cry, yah… mayb i hurt his noise before . That’s why until now i had problem cleaning his noise, have to wait till his fall asleep only i can clean abit and light.
      btw, what is the best way to clean ?? cotton pad??

    2. michelle said on

      Anggie: Actually you don’t have to clean the child’s nose so often. Only when it has mucus coming out. Usually I will use a wet warm towel to lightly wipe or use a piece of tissue. The best time, do it when you bath your child.

    3. im happy to say i have no problem diggin shern’s nose. i just tell him there’s a ‘cong-cong’ (worm) inside, and i can take my time diggin out those ‘worms’. he’ll let me doin it with no fuss.