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    • Parenting Tips #2: Fun Bath Time

      How to make bath time fun for your children? My children just love bath time because they love playing water. I have 2 small stools for them to sit and a big pail in front of them. I filled the pail of water and put some toys in the pail. Toys like cups, plastic bowls or containers where they can fill them with water. As I wash their hairs, I make shampoo while foam that they call ice-cream to fill the cup.

      You can also throw in a small towel and teach them to wash her toys. By the way, I also trimmed their hair during bath time. They will be distracted by playing and doesn’t notice that I have cut their hair. My children just love bath time and never once I have to drag them into the bathroom.

      Published on August 29, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting, Parenting Tip;

    7 Responses to “Parenting Tips #2: Fun Bath Time”

    1. Been reading ur tips for nose cleaning and bath time. I’ve no problems with Des with regards to both the subjects. Really hope u can give me tips on how to clean her ears. She never allows me to touch her ears, let alone get the wax out from them. Do u think it is advisable to ‘dig’ the wax out or just let them drop off by themselves? Just cannot ‘tahan’ seeing them inside her ears.

    2. Tracy: You can apply the same formula to ear and make it a routine. For my children, I check and clean their ears after bath time. Once they put on their clothes, they will lie on the pillow to clean their ears. Maybe you can start the routine and ask Des to lie on the pillow, just checking her ears but don’t do anything. Later u can move on the next level, where you take a tissue or hanky to wipe her ear. When it becomes a routine, you basically can do more cleaning. By the way, doc do not advice digging, you can use ear drop to remove ear wax.

    3. Calling the soap ice cream is really cute. I miss giving my kids baths. Now I have to remind my son to bath. That kid gets stinky.

    4. Bryan loves his bath too. Sometimes he just refused to come out & we’ll have 2 lure him out with food …

    5. I hv this fear that they’ll catch cold if they play too long during bath time. That’s y their bath time is quick and no fun. 😀

    6. Very nice this blog =)

    7. Very nice this blog =)