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    • Parenting Tips #3: Medicine

      Generally medicine is sweet with added flavor, only a few antibiotics are difficult to swallow. Some children when they see the medicine bottle or the syringe, they will either scream or run far away. Again, there is the fear associated with either the syringe or medicine bottle.

      You try taking a syringe and take out a Vitagen drink, showing it to your child. Pump out the Vitagen and give it to your child. See whether he/she will run away. You can try it with Ribena, Yakult and any drinks your child like. Do not try it on babies, they are not allowed to take these drinks, only milk or breast milk. :giggles:

      Once your child does not have the fear, you can try it with medicine. Of coz, do it when they are sick and really need the medicine. Do not show them the medicine bottle.

      Another tip when pumping the liquid into the child mouth, always point the syringe to the side of the mouth, giving a small squeeze each time until it is finished. This is to prevent choking. Always put your child in an upright position.

      Lastly, never use medicine to threaten your child. Some older generation folks like to say “If you are naughty, ask the doctor to give you medicine.” This will only create more fear with medicine.

      Note: Always keep your medicine out of your children reach. Better put in a lockable cabinet.

      Published on August 30, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting, Parenting Tip;

    5 Responses to “Parenting Tips #3: Medicine”

    1. my son will cy like hell when comes to medicine, he is strong and need at least 2 people to hold him. sometimes vomitted after taking the medicine. i tots not good to give ribena or vitagen while having medicine. emmm…will take this idea when he is taking medicine….

    2. Great tips…we used to have problem feeding medicine but now he is ok because he know medicine will make him feel better…

      sometimes, not sick also ask for medicine LOL …

    3. Sure can work boh? I ask you to come and feed Ethan his medicine, want? He will kick and scream wan….

    4. michelle said on

      LovelyMummy: No, not to give those drinks when they are sick. Do it whenever you want. The tip is to show them that when it comes to syringe, it is not always medicine you are giving. It can be juices they like.

      Chanel: I think I have the same problem like you. :wall:

      Giddy Tiger: Any motivation for me if I succeed?

    5. Very informative tips! Hope it will work for my boy. It takes me ages to feed him medicine…