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    • Parenting Tips #4: Peaceful Dinner

      I haven’t totally mastered this yet but I can say that when my children were 1-2 years old, they can sit at the dinner table throughout dinner. You see children attention span is very limited. They cannot sit doing nothing for long. They like to explore and do things. Create little activities for them to occupy themselves with.

      For younger children, you can put a bowl of honey stars for them to pick and eat. When Emily was young, she likes to pick rice one by one to eat. As for Tim, he likes to draw. Ask Vien, he almost drew every paper mat on the table and ask the waiter for more. You can also give them finger food and let them eat on their own. Take color pencils and notebook for them to draw or color.

      This has to be done when they are young. If you cultivate the habit of letting them run around during dinner time, it will stay with them and you will spend more effort chasing them around.

      Published on August 30, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting, Parenting Tip;

    5 Responses to “Parenting Tips #4: Peaceful Dinner”

    1. have been reading bout your parenting tips….thanks for sharing. The only way to keep Qiqi on the table is to have NICE BONY chicken, hahaha!!!

    2. true true ..dun let them run ard. Very dangerous.

      my son sit there, but he is so dirty after feeding himself. haha

      honey stars , done he don’t like it. he likes rice like tim….but all stuck to the face and only some went into the mouth..haha

    3. Oh, you forgot to add something important, “While your kids are picking on their snacks/food, YOU better eat in lightning speed!” LOL! Well, for my case, we have to do that ‘cos Belle can stuff everything in her mouth w/in seconds!

    4. I can oni keep CE on the bb seat at restaurants with food. Coz he’s too young for activities like colouring or drawing. The prob is I gotta provide a lot of snacks (must be healthy type summore) at the speed he gobble things up. 😆

    5. Jeriel when he wa syoung, he will munch food and also munchkin baby feeder is useful…now he will sit when eating time…when he finish his food, he will walk around the table or play some toys on the table…see his mood of the day hi hi…