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    • Parenting Tips #5: Promises

      Children remember promises. I guess I have to be cautious when I make small little promises with them. No one likes an empty promise, even for an adult. Yesterday when I tugged Emily to bed, Emily wanted me to sleep with her. I told her when I finished my work, I will sleep with her.

      In the middle of the night Emily creped into my room and being a light sleeper, I was half awake. She whispered to me “Mummy, you said you will sleep with me after you finished work”. Wow she reminds me of my promise in the middle of the night. I had to follow her to her room and sleep, to keep my promise to her. She was happy and fall back into sleep.

      Published on August 31, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Parenting Tip;

    6 Responses to “Parenting Tips #5: Promises”

    1. I try to make my promises too, but it’s the old folks who love to give white lies.

    2. Nothing disappoints a child more than a promise unkept. Remember the disappointment in my own kid’s eyes, when a promise could not be (or was not) kept.

    3. ya,kids have very good memory to remember promises. i felt guilty sometimes as i always broke my promises.

    4. agree! i don’t like to lie to kids…cos u lie to them, they learn from you and lie to other ppl..

    5. I agree that never lie to kids..keep promise..
      Then the kids will learn no to lie…

    6. I agree. If you said it, you must do it… else you know the end results… hehehe