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    • Parenting Tip #7 Sleep

      Train your child to sleep early, it will benefit the child as sleep will allow the body to generate cells for growth. You need more sleep when you are young compare to elderly person. If you child sleeps late say 11pm, you can slowly move his/her sleeping time earlier by 15-30 minutes until you hit a suitable time. I get my children to sleep by 9:30pm.

      When you child understands you (above 2), you can train her very easily. Tug your child in with a dim light, you can also read a bedtime story or sing her a lullaby. Teach your child to sleep on her own.

      The hard part is she cries when you leave. You leave the room and tell her that you are outside, it is ok. If she doesn’t stop, you go in after 10 minutes and tell her that you are outside. Try to use positive words like she is a big girl or a good girl. Do these steps until she sleeps on her own. It is tough but you need to be persistent.

      You can use security blankets like a blanket, a toy or a teddy bear to accompany her. Some extra, you can make your child room as comfy as she wants to sleep in there with toy area, books area and lots of posters of her favorite cartoons.

      Published on September 22, 2007 · Filed under: Health, Parenting Tip;

    4 Responses to “Parenting Tip #7 Sleep”

    1. Michelle, that’s wonderful. My 2 eldest sleep very late. They would go to bed at around 9.30pm but will toss and turn and sleep only at around 11.30 or so. Any advice?

    2. Ya, same to me too. Even sometimes we tried to go bed early, QQ will toss here and there too. so kesian coz she just can’t sleep while me and hubby oredi zzzzzzzz……….

    3. My friend got all her kids to go to sleep by themselves by the time they hit 6 mths…and they sleep 7pm – 7am – 12 hours…I don’t know how she does it!

    4. Luckily, both my sons sleep around 10pm or earlier….but too bad, even during weekend, they wake up early ler 🙁