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      You know how the Flintstones family used the natural things for household or personal stuff. Pebbles Flintstones uses a bone to tie the hair. Look what Emily uses for her hair. It is not a bone but some stationary. Don’t look at me, I didn’t teach her that. I wonder what she will do next, she surprises me everyday.

      P/S: Emily told me that papa thought her to use the clip for her hair.

      Published on October 1, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Living;

    11 Responses to “Practical Emily”

    1. that’s very creative of her!

    2. Gee….she really fast learner lor..she must learn from you – indirect when you tie your hair??

    3. Next, she’ll use laundry clip as her ear ring! 😆

    4. Sometimes I do used stationery like paper clip as my hair bin during my busy day. lol

    5. LOL! Good leh…next time u can save money on hair clips.

    6. oh.. not bad lei … kids always give mummy surprise !!! she’s clever !!

    7. where she learn that…creative…

    8. Ah hahahaha that’s cute. But i hope she dont use it for her earings…OUCH!

    9. So pandai Emily *clap clap*…good to let kids watch cartoon also hor, Mich :p

    10. hahaha..Emily is so creative or shall i said that daddy is creative too ?

    11. Just gotta make sure she doesn’t hurt her tiny hand or scalp.