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    • Of Fish and Plants

      After the last aquarium broke, my hubby and I wanted to get another one. We went aquarium shopping down town. It is a 2 storey high building where the top floor has the nice decorated aquarium. Basically you can pick and take it home without having to do work yourself. You get the tank, filter, light, plants and the fish. Some come with cabinet.

      There was a really helpful malay staff who teach us how to take care of the tank. Hey it is not easy. At first we wanted a 2 feet tank but it was way over our budget plus the amount of work we need to maintain it. We decided to go with a smaller tank. Tim and Emily wanted to put a bridge in the tank but since we are getting a smaller tank, it cannot fit the bridge there.

      By the way, if you start from a fresh tank, you need to lay layer of sand, rocks and all. Before you can put fish or plants in, you have to wait for the sand and rock to settle. It may take a day or two. If you want plants in there, the water must contain CO2 for it to survive. Lastly you cannot feed the fish too much else the water will get dirty fast. He thought us to take 30% of the water out either every day or every other day. He also provided the set of chemical to balance the ecology of the tank. Lots of work but it is worth it. Every time I look at the fish and the tank, it gives me a soothing sensation.

      Now the tank is on top of the Mammut drawer chest.

      Published on October 18, 2007 · Filed under: Nature, Parenting, Pet;

    9 Responses to “Of Fish and Plants”

    1. it really looks great! I love this but lazy to jaga, haha!!!

    2. Oolala…what a pretty view! And it goes with the blue mamut chest of drawers too!

    3. wah, u put on the mammut table not afraid that ur kids will go play with it? really nice tank.. like those in the shopping mall, our outside i see..

    4. Nice aquarium. The least maintenance, the better.

    5. Very nice, and you really hardworking.

    6. Rachel: Not me…my hubby. :giggles:

    7. Those plants look very nice. We have a good filtration system for our aquarium thus I only change 20% of the water each week. Dont need to change every day or every other day.

    8. Nice aquarium. My kids would love this but we don’t have one at home. Don’t know how to maintain.

    9. Me too…lazy to maintain it…so still put on hold having aquarium lor