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      Sasha, Shannon, Chinnee and Siew Ting were the guests of TV3 Wanita Hari Ini. They have taken blogging to a whole new level, sharing their blogging experience on TV. Bravo to them and it is just so cool! At least now other mothers who are new will be introduced to the blogging world, building a stronger mother network. :clap:

      Chinnee email me last night, telling me that she and some blogger mothers will be on TV3 Wanita Hari Ini 12-1pm. That’s the time I go back home for lunch. I thought of watching and recording it with my camera. Quality is not as good, if Chinnee told me earlier, I could ask my BIL to record it on his computer.

      Here are the video clips that are hot from the oven:

      Credit: TV3 Malaysia Wanita Hari Ini

      More videos here.

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    22 Responses to “WHI – Moms On Air”

    1. wow ….. brovo to them… !! There look wonderful in the screen …

    2. good for them. hopefully more and more parents will be blogging.

    3. hey, u so fast. I belum reach home u loaded this liao…aiyoo….my look so awful on screen la!!!

    4. they looked so great! i sat in front of the TV at 12noon sharp 🙂

    5. alamak, i look like talk macam no fullstop one !

    6. hihi… many thanx for the uploads… have linked u 🙂

    7. WAH! u are fast!!
      Thanks for uploading it… I can still feel how nervous I was, darn… hahaha…
      I’ve finally(much slower than u did) put up my story about the experience… but of course, no clips lar… haha

    8. Thanks Woman!

    9. finally get to watch it.. haa

    10. michelle, thks for uploading it. i missed it coz came home late.. luckily still can have a view

    11. It’s very thoughtful of you to share this with everyone. I missed this coz am currently on biz trip. Thanks, ya.

    12. :clap: :clap: :clap:

    13. Thank you so much. I was frustrated when I turned on the TV yesterday and saw only “Snow” in every channel. Luckily I get to watch it here.

    14. i missed the show on tv as Im in the hospital that day…luckily i can get to watch it here…thanks…. 🙂

    15. finally found your blog! thanks for sharing this, so eagerly to watch.

    16. wow! way to go gals!

    17. It’s so weird hearing the “girls” speak in Malay..hehe..

    18. Great of you to share this since we missed it but dunno why I can’t hear any sound leh?

    19. Well done! You all made us proud!!!! Eh, speaking of which, you gals’ bahasa melayu boleh tahan ma… 😀

    20. You are so fast. I took the video but still in the camera one.
      They are famous now and glad to know them especially sasha who told me about the show since sunday.

      anyway, since this is my 1st comment here, i have to say, im glad i hopped here. You have a nice blog and another reason I should add u in my cool parents blogroll 🙂

    21. how nice of you to record it.. good job all mummies..

    22. Yeah man.. and I can now tell ppl I have friends who’d ben on TV.. how about that..:P