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    • No Escape If They Are Right!

      Today, it is Emily’s turn to take up the laundry again. She was going upstairs while I was downstairs.

      Emily: Mummy where is the basket?
      Mummy: It is in the ironing room.
      Emily: I cannot find it.
      Mummy: Try the other rooms.
      Emily: It is in papa bedroom. Why did you say in the ironing room?
      Mummy: Sorry, mummy forgot.

      She came down and hunted me down.

      Emily: The basket is not in the ironing room mah.
      Mummy: Sorry, sorry.
      Emily: It is in papa room.
      Mummy: Sorry, sorry
      Emily: Why you say in the ironing room.
      Mummy: Sorry ah, next time I say in papa’s room. 😛

      Sigh, mummy got shot at for not remembering where the laundry basket is. I can never win when they are right. Don’t even try it. :giggles:

      Published on October 23, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    13 Responses to “No Escape If They Are Right!”

    1. kakaka…..pandai emily…now they macam big girl liao hor…

    2. Wow, need to say sorry so many times huh? He,he..Jona also like that…have to keep apologies 1001x baru happy

    3. Forgetful? Me too…:(
      Emily very pandai cakap..

    4. Wah, she wants u to admit your wrong firmly ler…LOL

    5. Jess: Not really, she want to affirm that she is right.

    6. he he how can our memory compare to theirs?

    7. hahah! poor mommy

    8. aiyo…mummy how lar…Lost to Emily…

    9. Hahaha.. this time u really kena eh? I ever got such response or should I say, command by my elder son Josh.

      Papa, no.. this one..
      no, papa wrong
      no! mommy, see papa wrong… not like that Papa…

      this is when we playing computer and I tried to be smart in front of him. Cisss.. kena betul by him LOL.

    10. Emily can go for debating next time.
      A tag for you over at my blog.

    11. eh she’s very fierce. I LIKE! haha

    12. hahaha emily is so cute. very good in debating ah!!

    13. Haha.. Emily is catching the woman’s trait.. nagging. 😛