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    • Cheers To Good Health

      Yeap, bonus is around the corner, in fact it is a few days away. However this is not the good news I want to share. Hey money is not everything you know. What I want to share is that I got back my blood test result and I did very well.

      What make me very happy was that the doctor said I have a very good gen and my cholesterol level was very good. On average women my age will get cholesterol level nearing or over the warning mark. Most cholesterol problem is mainly cause by genetics. Besides this, all other test was within range.

      Sometimes many of us do not appreciate the good health we are getting. We take it for granted. When it goes away, we will start doing everything to improve it. For all parents, do take a yearly health check and start paying attention to it. Cheers to good health.

      By the way, I will be making another US business trip next year. I cannot wait to taste the Pho again. Yummy!!

      Published on October 28, 2007 · Filed under: Health, Myself;

    15 Responses to “Cheers To Good Health”

    1. congrats!! yes we do take our health for granted at this age. i haven’t done a health scan since 5 yrs ago!!

      you so lucky got good genes….

    2. I agree that it can be due to genetic too..
      Happy that your health screening is good…Pray for continous good health to you n your family…

    3. Congratulations! I say good genes and healthy habits too 🙂
      Btw, is that Pho Pasteur you are talking about?

    4. Good news indeed. health is definitely more important than money, ya?

    5. Congratulations! Do I qualify to get that something special then? 😀

    6. TuTiger: Pho, Vietnamese noodle.

      GiddyTiger: Your answer was near but not on the dot. I give you something near special ;).

    7. Lucky you..
      Good health
      Another US trip!

      Psst.. can tumpang to buy things? 😛

    8. And.. another good news..
      Your TCPIP error is gone!

    9. Wow, travel to US again? Me, opposite to you lar…I always ‘threaten’ my boss don’t ask me go US….I can’t stand long flight, he,he

    10. better than bonus

    11. great! Congrate on good health and another trip to US…

    12. congrat!
      ya, money is much more important than health.
      wow..US envy 🙂

    13. huisia: I think you mean health is much more impt than money. Hehehe..reading too many blogs issit?

    14. *Near special* better than *not* special… 🙂

    15. congra, good health is very important than any other else.