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      My children wanted to watch Bee Movie. They saw it advertised when we watched Ratatouille. It opened yesterday and since today was a holiday, I decided to bring them there.

      On the whole, it was great with a good story plot. It started with the story of how bee makes honey in the hive and what do bees do in their life cycle. Barry the main character graduated from University to start his new job in the honey factory. However he was not happy as the rule says whatever position he choose, he will do it for life. He wanted to venture out into the real world, which he did. Lots of exciting thing happen to him and he made the world turn upside down.

      I guess the story plot was a little too deep for my children to grasp. However they enjoyed the animated characters. Emily loves Adam, Barry’s good friend. Timothy like the mosquito called Mooseblood. There is one little error as Mooseblood is a male mosquito and male mosquito does not suck blood.

      Go watch it, it is another good animated story for children. It is written by Jerry Seinfeld.

      Published on November 8, 2007 · Filed under: Movie, Parenting;

    8 Responses to “Bee Movie”

    1. I will definitely bring Jona to watch it this time…wish me luck!!

    2. Sigh.. hv not been to cinema for many many yrs.

    3. They can sit still throughout the whole movie? So good. I doubt my kids can do that.

    4. Better than Ratatouille?

    5. Zara’s mama:I prefer Ratatouille. More fairy tale like.

    6. i’m thinking to bring my girl for it this holiday.

    7. To say the truth, I like such cartoons as Bee Movie. I’m glad that there are animated story that we can watch with great pleasure.

    8. Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉