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    • Christmas Costume

      My church organized a Christmas party for the children and adults. There were exchanging of gifts, carol singing, sermon and food. Children were required to dress up as shepherd, wiseman or angel. My hubby decided to be creative and asked my help to create a special Christmas costume for Tim and Emily.

      Here is what I made for them. They were very sporting, after I bribed them with party pack, to wear it throughout the party. Both of them also display themselves on stage for the judges. Nope they didn’t get the top three prizes because they were out of the specified category. It was fun for them though. I still think the Emily will make a very pretty angel.

      Published on December 26, 2007 · Filed under: Christmas;

    13 Responses to “Christmas Costume”

    1. Very creative indeed. 🙂

    2. eh, u’re very creative lei.

    3. Wow! Agree with others, you are very creative! I love the star! 🙂

    4. you are so creative….i’m sure Emily will make a very pretty angel even tho’ she look so catchy in that star costume.

    5. they look so cute in them!

    6. you’re so creative…bribed?Hahaa..

    7. miche, u very creative la…

    8. so cute, i like the star gal!! LOL

    9. VERY NICE!!


    10. so nice and creative…happy new year…

    11. Emily costume really look like not easy to make….but, indeed she look like sweet angel

    12. very sute and you are very creative…

    13. Oh.. now I know.. it’s his costume! Haha