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    • Thumbs Up For Emily

      She made it to her first day of school without any tears. She woke up early in the morning, we brushed teeth and wash up together. As I was changing her uniform, she said she wants to go to aunty (babysitter) house. I can feel a little anxiety in her. However I distracted her with happy thoughts.

      She was happy when my FIL came with his small car (like Mr. Bean) to fetch her and Tim up. Both of them sat in my FIL’s car. My hubby and I drove a separate car. We went for breakfast together.

      I took Emily to the class. The school teachers were smart as they put some educational toys on the desk for the children to play. Emily wanted me to sit next to her but I told her I have to go to work. She wave goodbye to me and continue to play.

      At noon, I asked her how was school, she giggles and asked me to buy papaya for her. :think: I am so proud of her and hope she will keep it up. She does have good and bad days.

      Published on January 3, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    15 Responses to “Thumbs Up For Emily”

    1. She is really good girl lar!

      btw, why she wants papaya? *scratch my head too*

    2. wah so good girl…bravo emily

    3. kudos to emily!!!

    4. good gal ah! and why papaya ah?

    5. well done, girl.

    6. good girl indeed.
      so, papaya is her impulse to make herself no crying?! LOL

    7. must be such a relief for you that she likes it at school…:)

    8. Emily is surely much more clever than Qiqi!

    9. michelle said on

      Donno why papaya, I guess she avoiding the question which she is good at.

      Chinnee: I am sure Qiqi will adapt. Emily was like that when she was 2. This time she already got acquainted with the school which is my church and a lot of preparation from me (school bag, school shoe, pencil case..etc).

    10. Emily big girl edi. Show more independence now. Bravo!

    11. clever girl, Emily….

    12. You are so lucky, Emily is such an independent girl, not like my boy who always needs warm up time, huh…

    13. Don’t worry, I think Emily love the school…She is a brave girl…..

    14. What a relief for you to have a brave girl like Emily. Well done.

    15. hey, emily is quite independent. Never cry or fuss for the first day… well done Emily!