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      Timothy: Mummy I want transformer. *cannot ask for Ultraman*
      Mummy: I will try to get for you.
      Timothy: I want the orange truck turn into a robot
      Mummy: If there is one.
      Timothy: I want 2.
      Mummy: Why you need 2? 1 enough!
      Timothy: I need 2 so that they can fight each other.
      Mummy: But transformer can fight with your Ultraman.
      Timothy: Cannot, not the same kind.
      Mummy: *speechless*
      Dad: Toys again!

      Emily: I want I want…
      Mummy: What you want?
      Emily: Eh…eh….

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      Published on January 7, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    11 Responses to “Not 1 But 2”

    1. haha…she wants what huh :P.

    2. got time to claim ur award ?

      my son oso always toys la, but original transformer very expensive,

    3. he really got his excuse to ask for more ah!!!

    4. the brother wants something she also want .. haha so cute

    5. i don’t know if i’ll ever buy ultraman for shern if he wants it in the future cos i just hate ultraman. looks horrible i think. no offence ar. but transformer ok la.
      so have you got it for him? one or two?

    6. haha…Tim very smart lol 🙂

    7. hunt the transformer at those shops that selling toys which “made in china” , definitely more cheaper. my jo has few, like tim, can fight. boys being boys:)

    8. that’s a very nice conversation noted down by the mom.

    9. Ha,ha….that’s kid…after got ultraman, now, want different toys….enjoy ur trip

    10. enjoy your trip and shopping there… 🙂 So, technically GBay already turned into Parkbay? Sorry if I ask silly question as I been np visiting your blog for sometimes…

    11. so ultraman or transformer now???