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      Travelling for me can be fun but tiring. Imagine, I have to work on 2 time zones before emails get piling up. Anyway, the only thing that I most look forward to (besides shopping) is calling my children. I love hearing their sweet voices.

      I can either call them at 4pm (Penang 8am) or 3am (Penang 7pm). However I don’t like talking to them in the office because I cannot make funny sound in the office. It was fun talking to them. I did call them just now at 3pm in the office. It just makes my day.

      Mummy: Did you miss mummy?
      Tim: Yes. I want 2 transformers, the blue and the red one.
      Mummy: Did you talk to your teacher.
      Tim: Yes, softly. You got buy the transformers or not?
      Mummy: I will. Have you been a good boy?
      Tim: Yes.
      Mummy: Did you fight with Emily?
      Tim: No.
      Mummy: You want jelly beans?
      Tim: Yes.
      Mummy: How many?
      Tim: 10. *that’s easy*
      Mummy: Ask Emily whether she wants any? *Emily just woken and doesn’t want to talk on the phone*
      Tim: Emily, mummy asked you, you want jelly bean.
      Emily: Yes.
      Tim: How many?
      Emily: One.
      Tim: One only.
      Mummy: Ask Emily to talk to mummy.
      Emily: Mummy I want 1 jelly bean. *mood changes when it comes to sweets*
      Mummy: I buy you 10.
      Emily: I want Doremon and …and…and…
      Mummy: I saw Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine…
      Emily: I want Cinderella. *change mind*
      Emily: No no no…I want Snow White. *change mind again*
      Mummy: Did you miss mummy?
      Emily: Yes.
      Mummy: Have you been a good girl?
      Emily: Yes.

      A lengthy conversation, coming from 2 children who seldom talk on the phone. I sure miss them very much. I cannot wait to go back and see them.

      Published on January 10, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    12 Responses to “Sweet Call”

    1. haha…TIm is so concern about his transformers!!

      when u r coming back, mich?

    2. Lyon: I want Mickey Mouse.
      Wien: I want transformer.
      Me: I want 10 jelly beans.

      😆 😆 😆

    3. Calling home certainly makes the distance disappear. I’m sure they can’t wait to see you… or the transformers, Snow White and jelly beans 🙂

    4. oh..transformer from Jo sure envy..haha

    5. So nice to have a telephone conversation like that when you are away. It must be difficult to be away without the kids but when you get back, your kids may be more independent.

    6. LOL! Tim is more anxious about his transformers. Eh, Disney store has sales la..did you check them out?

    7. All in his mind is transformer…you better get 1 for him, otherwise, sure he will feel sad….yeah, travel is fun!

    8. Bring a webcam along next time and do video conference…

      Ya..when u have kids, u miss the kids more than husb…hehe.

    9. Wah.. mummy’s so generous with sweets. Em asked for 1, u wanna get her 10. 😀

    10. so sweet, btw, can i said the same as Jess? hahahhaah

    11. Wah! You are in US again? So fast you off for biz trip.. opps I think it’s been quite sometimes I never read ur blog *paiseh*…
      Tim is so in love with transformer?? It’s so nice to hear their voice through the air…

    12. and i bet you are happy to spend $$ buying gifts for them too 🙂