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    • Tim Vs Emily

      The battle of the 2, I am not talking about fighting or arguing with each other. It’s FOOTBALL. They have a match together and both were very good at kicking, passing, defending (not sure what) and scoring. It is always good to bring them to the park and let them have some physical exercise. Definitely better than letting them watch TV all the time.

      Published on January 23, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Tim Vs Emily”

    1. Nice field! so green!

    2. That’s one healthy fun!

    3. yea..definitely better than watching the time..

    4. i am looking forward to bring jo and eli to have battle at field!

    5. WOAH! why tim kick so high la? ini kungfu football edi! but emily can dribble the ball also eh? that’s cool!

    6. ada gaya-leh. very pro looking!

    7. haha so gaya huh..

      hey emily looks quite tall

    8. Wow, if only my 2 boys willing to play together….everytimes, I bring them to playground, they will play with their own football, cannot sharing one ;(

    9. oh yes… exercise is good for children’s growing years… en en now developes interest in dancing and karate! Hee…haa!