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    • Thumbs Up For Emily

      January 3, 2008

      She made it to her first day of school without any tears. She woke up early in the morning, we brushed teeth and wash up together. As I was changing her uniform, she said she wants to go to aunty (babysitter) house. I can feel a little anxiety in her. However I distracted her with happy thoughts.

      She was happy when my FIL came with his small car (like Mr. Bean) to fetch her and Tim up. Both of them sat in my FIL’s car. My hubby and I drove a separate car. We went for breakfast together.

      I took Emily to the class. The school teachers were smart as they put some educational toys on the desk for the children to play. Emily wanted me to sit next to her but I told her I have to go to work. She wave goodbye to me and continue to play.

      At noon, I asked her how was school, she giggles and asked me to buy papaya for her. :think: I am so proud of her and hope she will keep it up. She does have good and bad days.

    • Back To School

      January 1, 2008

      Tomorrow will be the first day of school for Emily again. Yes again. Why again? I did send her to school when she was 2+ but due to her constant sickness (fever and runny nose). The preschool was small and had lots of children. Every day 1 or 2 child is sick. I decided to defer. Now she is ready.

      She will be joining her brother in the new Tadika, half day school. My hubby and I prepared her for school. We took her to buy her favorite bag, her white school, socks, pencil case and color pencils. She got all excited and now everyday she been asking when will school start.

      Last year, we took her to the Tim’s Tadika for parents’ teachers’ day. She went into the computer class and she likes the class. She also liked the school principal who is my church friend. The Tadika is run on church ground with fewer children. It has plenty of space for activities. It has a hall for assembly too.

      Emily: Mummy today school day?
      Mummy: No next Thursday
      Emily: Mummy I want to go to school with kor kor and bring my Cinderella bag.
      Mummy: Ok
      Emily: Where is my school uniform?
      Mummy: Later I iron the school uniform for you.
      Emily: 😀

      Tell me, are they growing up fast? It was like yesterday I gave birth to her and now she is preparing herself to school. Sigh.