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    • Where Are My Things?

      First my angpows went missing. I opened my drawer and saw only 6 angpow packets left. My hubby told me that he only gave out less than 10. Yes, this year we did not give many out because we didn’t meet many children. I packed about 50 angpow packets. Where are they? I counted and counted, kept recalling how many packets we gave away. Later I remembered that before I left for KL, I kept some in another bag because I didn’t want to bring so many to KL. Found them!

      Next, I lost my safe deposit keys. I hardly visit the safe deposit box as it is in town. As I was packing my drawers, I found a receipt for the rental. I realized the postal address is not up to date. I wanted to make a trip to change the address and also take a look in the box. The problem is I forgot where I placed the keys. It was like 3 to 4 years ago that I took it out. I dig through every cupboards and drawers. Fortunately I found it. While looking, I did some spring cleaning too.

      Lastly I lost my doc appointment card. It was always in my wallet but it is no where to be found. Now I don’t know when my next doc’s appointment is. Oh well, I will wait for his SMS reminder to come. The nurse will be angry as this is the 2nd card I lost.

      At this point in time, I forgot what I forgot. Let’s hope I don’t have to remember what I forgot, else I will have to waste time finding it. That’s motherhood!

      Published on February 13, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    14 Responses to “Where Are My Things?”

    1. wah, how come you suddenly forget so many things ar? Take some supplement that can boost up your memory! 😆

    2. hi Michelle, you are not alone, hehe…

    3. Jess: Yeap taking supplements too but memory still bad.

    4. time for some gingko

    5. Yeah… you are not alone!

    6. He,he…same for me. But, my sis is even worst. Simple task or thing that is past, she can totally forgot about it…I don’t know why but, she has this kind of ‘loss memory’ even before she become mommy 🙂

    7. LOL!!! I guess we mothers are not alone! I was told when you’re pregnant, your baby tends to take the nutrients AND your brain cells! There are vitamin pills or food for the nutrients, unfortunately there are no replace (YET) for the missing brain cells!

      I’ve got a remedy (?) for the doc appts. … always book at the same time (mine is always 11am and always on a Friday).

      The other thing I do is input the appt into my cell phone’s calender … which will beep to remind me when the time comes.

      Also, I carry a pocket size calendar wiz me all the time. Whenever I make an appt. I write it in IMMEDIATELY … won’t even leave the counter unless I had finised writing (putting) it in.

    8. whooaa…
      first i thought it was a maid issue..
      and then when I read till the end of your posts..I realised that it’s just a ‘mother’ issue! hahahah….you know what they say..mothers’ memories tend to go downhill after they give birth!

    9. Hahaha..i also find that my memory got worse after i had a baby. Coz all the nutrients all went to bb during pregnancy & bfg. Luckily u found all the important stuff!

    10. Wah! Every mommies are on the same boat… looks like I need to bring along my calendar diary book with me now and make it a habit to record everything… may help in my scrapbooking idea as well! 🙂

    11. sometimes i forget what i need from the fridge when i open it!

    12. So many cases of lost n found. Trace back ur steps wud help sometimes.

    13. Motherhood… or age? keke… just kidding!

    14. i’m on your side… it’s motherhood syndrome! haha