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      Tim surprises me all the time with his funny bone. Today I went to the study room and saw this on the wall.

      He told me that he saw some ants on the wall and he put this up so that the ants do not go there. :think: How cute. He is really good in expressing himself with drawing. I think he uses his right brain more. My hubby said that Tim is a visual person like him and he picks up things faster if he sees it.

      It explains why I had difficulty teaching him spelling. He doesn’t like doing memory work. I must think of a more visual way to teach him spelling.

      As Vien puts it: No Ant-ry!

      Published on February 16, 2008 · Filed under: Drawing, Parenting, Timothy;

    16 Responses to “No Entry!”

    1. haha! Tim is such a cutie. very funny.
      sounds like he is a visual person … and a very colorful one too 🙂

    2. haha..Tim so cute & creative!

    3. haha…that’s cute…

    4. LOL! Really no ant-ry!

    5. wah!! LOL!! so he learned from the road signs heh.. i told hub and its funny la!! so the ants avoided that wall area??

    6. Vien: Hey I like your title better. 😛

    7. hopefully the ants can read and understand it … hehehhe ….

    8. LOL!
      So cute la…

    9. ya ya, that’s cute!

    10. Same for Jona!! And, I facing headache to each him new word too….so, I’m using a flash card to do it…initially, it is hard for both of us, but, now, he seem to enjoy it so much 🙂

    11. I read that boys are normally more visual. I would have never thought of that..then again, we don’t know how kids perceive things!

    12. I think boys majority are like that…learn from observe…
      Jeriel, if we ask him to sit down n write, he will refuse…

    13. hahahaha, very cute ..

    14. haha this is very cute and creative!

    15. It’s a good opportunity to teach him that ants (insects) hv 6 legs. hehehe

    16. Slavemom: Handicapped ant. 😉