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      How do you know your child’s birthday is coming? When he starts reminding you to buy his favorite toy and cake. It is part of motherhood to get what a child wants on his birthday. I was given a mission by Tim to hunt for his transformer toy called “Bumble Bee”. Last week, I thought I have completed the mission when I placed the order online.

      Today, I found out that I ordered the wrong thing. Back to square 1. One other blogger is hunting down the same thing for her son. Her husband told her that it is difficult to get because limited edition. I found a couple but it is overpriced. I mean double the price.

      One online store I found had stocks in March. Let’s hope the stock will come in. I thought I better update Tim.

      Mummy: Hey Tim, the transformer bumblebee is no more in stock. Have to wait for uncle to make more.

      Tim: Why no more?

      Mummy: By the way, the one you selected can only sing and dance but cannot transform.

      Tim: Huh? I want to transform. *look strangely at me*

      Mummy: Then you have to wait.

      Tim: You find for me yeah. *look a bit disappointed*

      Mummy: Ok, I will do my best.

      Tim: Ok.

      If you know where I can find one of these for not more than RM50, let me know.

      Published on February 18, 2008 · Filed under: Timothy, Toys;

    10 Responses to “Birthday Reminder”

    1. thot u bought one from US? that one optimus prime ah? aiyoh, if u know where online got cheap cheap good good and can transform one, can u tell me ah, me oso looking for optimus prime or bumble bee… i saw one shop in 1U, all original one, very expensive. more than RM100 ler, n some more no stocks..

    2. Wen: The one I got from US is Optimus Prime and US is very cheap. However shipping is costly.

    3. wow Tim still want transformer for BD present ar! He seem got a lot ler! Lucky boy!

    4. We have been looking for transformer toys hi n lo which does not cost a bomb…so far haven’t found one yet

    5. I wonder if I’ll oso be hunting for Transformers a few yrs down the road.

    6. try to hunt one at those toy shop that the toys imported from china.

    7. we, the modern moms and dads…hunting down toys for our kids…hahaha…somehow we enjoy it too hor 🙂

      no idea on transformers… my kids not fansi yet.

    8. I know nuts about transformers 😉 Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have a very weird habit of reading all old postings so will take some time to trawl through your blog, so I’ll hang around yeah.

    9. Bumblebee for RM50? I only saw the one which was selling for RM150.

    10. Tim is really good in informing you exactly what he want huh? It is the first time, I know transformer also got ‘Bumble Bee’…..will look see, look see for you when I shopping