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      Humor keeps my work stress away. In a way, I get fewer wrinkles. It really saves me a lot of money on wrinkle cream. If you want some free wrinkle cream, read this.

      Today I was in a project tele-conference with a team of people. You know my name is pretty common and there was another member with the same first name as me.

      Team Lead: Mxxxx
      Mxxxx: Yes
      Team Lead: I meant the other Mxxxx Lxxxx. Did I get that right?
      Me: Yes or you can pronounced it Lxxxx as most American do.
      Team Lead: Mxxxx, bla bla bla. Opps.I meant Mxxxx Lxxxx.
      Me: You can call me ML, easier for the team to differentiate us.
      Mxxxx: And you can call me MT.

      *Everyone burst out laughing* Guess which blogger laugh exceptionally loud?

      Team Lead: No, we won’t want to call you empty.

      I am still laughing while writing this. Sorry, I didn’t really mean to trick her in saying that. I really thought to help the team, they can use my initial instead. I didn’t even expect her to response. I hope she is not reading this.

      Published on February 20, 2008 · Filed under: Humor;

    10 Responses to “Office Humor”

    1. Oh….siapa? I’m curious.

    2. hahaha. laughing actually give you wrinkles but defnitely chicken soup for the soul 🙂

    3. we need humour like this in the office to keep us sane from all the stress. 😛

    4. emm..who?

    5. A good laugh is always good to take our stress away. That’s a good one.

      This is for you:

    6. The giddy tigress is still giddily laughing…I saw it coming immediately after you said “You can call me ML” 😛

    7. Maybe the 2 of you can go by your Chinese name the next time. Betcha it will be a greater challenge for the foreigner 😀

    8. ShoppingMum and Huisia: I will let the blogger own up to it. Looks like she already did.

      Shooi: I would not suggest that if you know my what chinese name. I don’t want them to call me “wailing” as in crying. :wall:

    9. True, humor make our day bright…..

    10. eh? You Chinese name is Wai Ling? My pronounce in cantonese also Wai Ling too! Haha… the other blogger that burst out laughing one is the tigress, correct?