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    • Food Sampling and Promoters

      One of the reasons when my children like to go to the supermarket is because of the food and drink sampling. They will cruise through the drink section and tried out very yogurt drink there is. One promoter kept pouring different flavors for them. Next they go on to try the ice-cream. They have tried noodles, corn flakes, biscuits, chocolates and what not.

      Some promoters are very generous but there are some who ignore the customers when they see children. They only give to selected customers. Today there was one promoter who gave me a free 1 liter of fruit yogurt drink.

      Talking about promoters, do ever get annoyed with those who constantly buzz in your ears, tell you how good their product bla bla bla non stop. Half the time, I do not understand what they say because they talk in hokkien. The best way to introduce your product is to provide customer with sample. If they like the sample, they will return to buy.

      There was once, it was a clothing store, the promoter was afraid that I get lost. She followed me closely wherever I went. Next she started telling me the offers were and what colors it came with….bla bla bla again. I cannot even shop in peace. The offers were written in huge letters on the chart. I told her sweetly that I wanted to browse around by myself. She backed off a few minutes and later she was at it again. My steam engine kicked in and told her off. I told her that I can see the colors and I can read the offer. Please let me shop in peace. She was stunt and walked away. Hey if you see a shirt that says “Don’t follow me!”, let me know. I would want to own one.

      Published on February 23, 2008 · Filed under: Shopping;

    10 Responses to “Food Sampling and Promoters”

    1. oh ya, tell me about it too. i tell them off right in their face. “hello! i need space to breath”.

      why ar? need to follow us around, so close somemore. damn annoying right?

    2. i love going near the fridge area too…hehe…

    3. hehe…my girl love those food testing section too!

      I don’t like they follow me too!

    4. my girls are picky. they will try but will tell them straight and loud if the product is not nice!

      btw, i want the t-shirt too. maybe we could print some to sell. sure laku one 😆

    5. free 1 liter of drink? Waah…then mah no need to buy liao lo ..hehehe

    6. Oh they can be a real irritant..can’t they read our body language?

    7. My kids love to do marketing with me too when they got free yakult to drink…he,he

    8. u better customize and print few.. 🙂

    9. i always do my marketing during lunch and forever in a rush….

    10. thanks much, dude