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    • Parenting Tip #19 Bottle Weaning

      I have heard from many mothers that, after they wean their child from the bottle, the milk intake decreases. I would rather have my child maintain the milk intake and let her have the bottle. Milk helps them to build stronger bones and it has most of the nutrition they need. You may not see the effects now but when they grow old the bone density drop. You hear many elderly people have osteoporosis problem, right?

      Calcium is not easily absorbed when you are an adult. Children body can absorb more efficiently compare to an adult. When children get enough calcium, the can start their adult lives with stronger bones

      If you are thinking of weaning your child from bottle too early, think again. Emily still enjoyed her bottle and she been drinking 8-9oz at least twice a day. She can drink from the cup but she prefers the bottle. Other source of calcium is ice-ream, cheese, tofu, yogurt, beans, broccoli and anchovies.

      Published on February 29, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    14 Responses to “Parenting Tip #19 Bottle Weaning”

    1. but won’t staying on the bottle too long cause teeth deterioration ah? Just wondering…

    2. Well Done Emily…I have to agree with you about milk

      We got to get rid fr Jeriel because he was sucking the bottle for comfort to sleep……So now he is drinking regularly 2 cups of milk daily (Morning n Night) without hassle, thus like a habit to him now…

    3. Giddy Tiger: Yeah if the child use the bottle as a pacifier. I never allowed them to do that. It also cause wind if the milk is cold. Emily takes 5 mins to finish her milk.

    4. Thanks for the tip on the wind and cold milk, will keep that in mind.

    5. sigh… lately, my gal want to drink coffee only!

    6. i do agree with fact i gave faythe bottle again after wean off to ensure she can lie down next to V and drink

    7. Same for me…I still let Jona drink his milk from his bottle…my nephew only stop drinking milk from his bottle when he is 9 yrs old 🙂

    8. haha…in fact,when qq got addicted to bottle (after weaning her from breast), I am so delighted!!! not going to wean her so soon as i see her still enjoying sucking even water from bottle and she could leave us alone with that!!

    9. Zara loves her bottle too..
      She only drinks our cold milk from a cup.
      And the only warm drinks she takes is her warm milk from the bottle.

      It’s like.. cold == cup
      warm == bottle. ;P

    10. I like to see my girls drink milk from bottle, but not my MIL. She will wean them from bottle once they are 3+.

      Now she is trying to brain-wash Lyon! 😛

    11. Now that XY drinks from the cup, she oni takes milk once a day. Some days none as she prefers milo.

    12. Darrius takes forever to drink from the cup so I rather let him have the bottle where he will finished up 8oz of milk or any other drinks in less than 5 min.

    13. Oh.. I never thought of weaning my son off his bottle. I guess when they are ready they will signal it to us??

    14. actually i don’t mind my kids drinking from bottles too… eventually they will get rid of it themselves when they ready, rite?