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    • Pusat Sains Center

      February 9, 2008

      Pusat Sains Center also known as the Science Center in Malaysia. It is a place for the young ones to enjoy science in a fun manner. It is also the green dome in Damansara that I always drove past but never been. I took my children there and they enjoyed it very much.

      In comparison to other science center I have been, it doesn’t have that many things for children to explore. They were also having some renovation. The machines are not very well maintained and many were not in working condition.

      The fun part, it has a play area with balls, puppet stage and playground for smaller children (age 2-4) to enjoy. Tim and Em liked that room very much. For me, I like to robotic sections. There are some robotic arms for us to try to pick objects with some button controls.

      It has a big aquarium at the entrance and basically you can cover the entire are within 2 hours. It cost RM6 and children below 13 are free. If you haven’t been there, you can pay a visit to support our Science Center. More info here:

      After visiting the science center they became cute astronauts. Big Apple Vs J.Co Donuts!

    • Hotel Plan Cancelled

      February 8, 2008

      I had to cancel my plans to stay in the hotel because Emily fell sick after a few days in KL. She probably had too much fun or she ate too many sweets. She ends up having a bad cough and a mild fever.

      I took her to a near by clinic. The doctor was a specialist but not a child specialist. I didn’t pay attention to his titles. I found that at times, some doc asked way too many questions at one time. He didn’t give me enough time to answer them all. Next he prescribed two bottles of medicine for her. However the name of the medication was not written on the bottles. I thought that it was a govt ruling that all medication names needs to be written on the label.

      I requested the nurse to write the names on the bottles. I will never give medicine to my children without knowing what it is. I hope all parents do the same and request the doctor to write the name on the label.

      It is a good practice as I need to know what medication works for my children and what doesn’t.

      I guess I have to review Kuala Lumpur Traders Hotel next trip. I heard they have a very beautiful night view of Petronas Twin Tower. Emily is fine now but she still has a lot of phlegm to clear.

      Read about KL Roads in

    • CNY Preparation

      February 2, 2008

      The only things I have prepared for CNY is getting the Angpows packed and clean the house. Yeap, I didn’t get any CNY cookies, oranges, decoration or drinks. I will be away this year for CNY. Where am I going? I will be in KL in my parent’s house. I bet my parents will be happy to see their grandchildren.

      To make the trip more special I made a booking to a luxurious hotel under company rate. It has a great view from the hotel. I will let you know when I returned. Probably I will write a review too if the hotel doesn’t let me down.

      I told my children, they are very excited about it. They are looking forward to the big TV with cartoon networks and the swimming pool as usual. Those who wants to join me to enjoy the pool, ping or call me.

      For all my blog readers, here’s wishing you a Blessed Happy Chinese New Year!!