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    • The Miracle Day

      Today is the day to remember God’s greatest miracle ever done. Today is the day where we remember the risen Lord. Jesus came 2000 years ago and he died on the cross for all of us, yes everyone. Not only that, God raised him up on the 3rd day and he is alive. He has conquered death and sin for us all.

      I heard a story once, if all of us were in a fire and there is a door of escape. Would you walk through that door? If you did you will be save. Similarly Christ has provided us a way, trust in him and you will be save.

      Ask yourself this, if you die tonight, do you know where you are going after that? Heaven or Hell? Good works does not lead us into heaven because no matter how many good works we done, we cannot clean ourselves. If you have told a lie, you are a liar. If you watched pirated VCD, you have stolen. If you hate anyone, you have already murdered. I am guilty of it all. Therefore I need Jesus to rescue me. God is a just God and he cannot allow any sinful man to go unpunished.

      Just like a murderer who is caught. If there is a just judge, he cannot allow him to go free even if the murdered did a lot of good works before. If he did, he will be unjust. However God provided a way, the ONLY way for us, he provided Jesus Christ to take the punishment for us. Not only that, he raised him up on the third day so that whoever believed in Jesus will be saved and have eternal life. John 3:16.

      A lot of people have a misconception that Christian is holy people and they must always do right. No, a Christian is someone who acknowledged they are sinful and want Jesus Christ to cleanse him/her. Just like a patient who is sick and needs a doctor to cure his sickness.

      Happy Easter!!

      Published on March 23, 2008 · Filed under: Christianity, Special Day Event;

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    1. Happy Easter!

    2. Happy Belated Easter to you !!!

    3. Definitely hands down the greatest miracle of all…blessed Easter to you!

    4. Happy Blessed Easter!

    5. Happy Belated Easter day to you and family…..