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      Tim always humors me without fail. He really got a good sense of humor. I bought a Mexican bun for both him and Emily. Tim is not a bread person but he will eat a Mexican bun or a sausage bun. As we were eating the bun, look what he did.

      He makes his own face bun with it. Talk about creativity. By the way, I am sending Tim & Em to a trial Yamaha Music Kids class. Let’s see if they can be creative in the music world. I hope they have my father’s talent who can play music by ear without any music lessons. I will blog more about the class after I attended it with them. Yes, a parent needs to accompany the children in the class.

      The objective of the music class is to develop fundamental musical ability by singing and playing keyboard instruments. Learning by listening. It will be a 2 year course. Let’s hope they can foster some musical interest in them. It cost around RM180 for per term (3 months), per child. It excludes material costs.

      Parkbay: Toilet Bowl Restaurant

      Published on April 7, 2008 · Filed under: Music, Parenting;

    14 Responses to “Food Fun & Music”

    1. funny ya…my girls like to make 2 holes too when they eat gardenia bread…

    2. hahaha… ur tim is reli cute… can have fun while eat hehehe

    3. When can they start joining the yamaha classes. I also want to send Bryan there when he is old enough.

      Btw, I find that the branch at B Lanchang is quite good compared to the branch near our office one. Mgt wise at least…Teacher? Depend on luck coz they have a few.

      The rest, i have no experience.

    4. haha so cute

    5. Hehe. That looks cute. My kids love to arrange their food to make happy faces too.

    6. It is not so expensive…I remember I pay RM 400 plus for Musikgarden – inital payment. And, the monthly fee, I can’t remember liao…he,he…so far only Jona attend the class….cause it doesn’t need parent to accompany them 😛

    7. your kids attending any art class? Tim is creative, maybe he is more into art?

    8. michelle said on

      Stephanie: He did attend art class but he lost interest in it. Now I am trying music.

    9. I think Tim is old enough for JMC already. Music kids more for 3-4yo…
      btw, RM180 also not inclusive of registration fees la heh!

    10. LOL!! really creative and same size too!!!

    11. Do let us know how’s the class. Am planning to send XY to JMC but dilly dally till now.

    12. I’m also thinking of sending Zara to JMC, but after the trial class, she said she didn’t want to join.

      In your case, the kids will be in same class or different? So both you and hubby have to accompany them since parents are to be with them?

      Tim is cute by making eyes in the buns. 😛

    13. my girl joined Yamaha since 3. They have a good program and emphasis in hearing and keyboard playing. anyway, kids are normally weak in theory if just joining this group class. after JMC, I’ll switch my girl to individual class. do enjoy the class with ur kids! 🙂

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