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      Have you played with paper dolls before? Drawing cute dolls and making clothes for the paper dolls, mixing and matching. I have and I enjoyed playing with it. I came from a poor family where by my parents could not afford any Barbie dolls. I have to make do with paper and color pencils.

      Guess what, I bought 2 paper dolls books for Emily in year 2007. She was too young to play then. Now she is having fun with it. She matches the paper/cardboard dolls with all the pretty wonderful dresses. The book has many collections of costumes, dresses, pajamas, shirts and pants. It is certainly a cheaper version of Barbie dolls. If you have a gal of age 3 and above, you should get a copy of this book. It only cost me around RM16.90. I got mine from MPH.

      Published on April 8, 2008 · Filed under: Books, Emily, Parenting;

    13 Responses to “Paper Doll”

    1. this looks much prettier than the paper doll that i used to play. my girls have not got any. am sure gonna head to MPH one of these days. 😉

    2. I think XY wud love these but she’ll hv to hide somewhere to play it coz didi will tear them into pieces.

    3. these looks better than those day paper doll. i remember those days one are just a piece of cardboard

    4. i play it too when i was young and that cardboard cost about 10 sen only.

    5. i played it too but we drew our own paper doll and dresses.

    6. My kids ever played those sticker type of doll, yet to try out paper doll.

      hehe..I think i will join them too once I buy the paper doll for them…my fav games during childhood.

    7. OOh, this brings back fond memories of childhood.

    8. i loved to play this when i was young..

    9. havent seen this in a while…

    10. these r definately much nicer than ours those days… can’t wait for my girls to try out hehe

    11. wah… expensive ah? last time i remember only berapa sen oni wor….

    12. I remember I used to play this all the way till I went to Secondary school.

      Very good for imaginary play.

    13. Darrius saw these and said… oooo got girls….

      Hehe.. I missed playing these too… used to have load during my childhood days.