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      Just when I ran out of things to blog about, this came.

      Thanks to Sue from ZoopsLife. I won the nice pink Timberland bag from the 4th contest that Sue put up. Hey the 5th contest is up, go and participate. It is free to make a guess. Who knows, you might win something from there. It is also another great way to know another blogger and read another blog.

      The 4th contest was to guess how many stalks in the vase. How did I guess it? I read the previous post that she bought the flowers, paid by her hubby. Usually when people buy flowers, it is either ½ or 1 dozen. ½ a dozen will be too few because it has already more than 5 tulips and 2 lilies. It has to be more than ½ dozen. So I guess 12 stalks.

      Thanks again Sue!

      Published on April 15, 2008 · Filed under: Gift;

    6 Responses to “iWon A Prize”

    1. Haha..I didn’t know you calculate it..hehe…
      Congrats again!

    2. congrates! looks like tim likes ur bag leh hehe

    3. okok, i will hop over to her blog more frequent now!

    4. Wah…you really deserve to win. You did your homework, well done! Me? I didn’t win cos I simply hampalang tembak one number 😛

    5. congrats..nice pouch !

    6. congrats