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      As I was buying lunch yesterday, I saw a little gal who is a little younger than Emily. However her actions were very similar to Emily. She was very upset, not sure why. She stood on the chair. Anyone who approached her or want to distract her, she will use her hand to push them away. Her eyes were teary and had an angry facial expression.

      My mum has a name for this, she called it “ta pat toong”. Yeap she is a mahjong player. Her actions were so much similar to Emily when she is upset. She will not let anyone touch her. She will either use her hand to push us away or foot to kick us. She will do that until she cools down. If I scold her, she will cry. Usually, I will just leave her alone. However if she was upset with papa or kor kor, she probably wants me to “sayang” her.

      Now I wonder how little gals learn this. Does your little gal do this?

      Published on April 17, 2008 · Filed under: Emily;

    9 Responses to “Look Familiar”

    1. my boy is like that also….how lar…

    2. Yes! Yes! Yes!

      I have 2 at home! sometimes refuse mummy to go near ler…

    3. emm…no girl here..
      so far Jo doesn’t act like this…

    4. my girl is oso like this but nvr encounter this wif samuel

    5. oh, absolutely!

    6. hmm so far mine don’t do that

    7. errr my boy, hugs ppl when he is sad.

    8. Hi Michelle,

      So far when my little gal angry, she will just scream and scratch you. And when she got scold or caned by her dad, she will come over and slap or hit me! I am becoming her punching sack!

    9. My boy does that sometimes, but mostly to Kakak. He seldom reject me when he’s upset. 😉