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      Two days in a row, Emily has come up with really peculiar sleeping style. First one last Friday, I am sure you want to know why she is sleeping on the stairs. Nope she was not waiting for mummy or too tired, walk up halfway and slept. In fact, she was very naughty, didn’t listen to me and I scolded her. She was crying outside the room. I left her there and went downstairs. Don’t worry, I was nearby. I heard her coming down but it was 4 steps down. Later it was very quiet and I suspected she has fallen asleep crying.

      Yesterday, when I went in to her room and wanted to nap with her. Look what I saw? She wrapped herself like a “mummy” and felt asleep. What is your children sleeping style?

      Published on April 21, 2008 · Filed under: Emily;

    16 Responses to “Sleeping Style”

    1. hahahaha…she’s so cute wor!…she’s so creative; wonder what’s her next style??

    2. hahaha..wah how she manage to wrap herself and zz…keng

    3. hahaha…both my girls will kick away blanket, I dont think I’ll have chance to see “mummy” look!

    4. was she cold thats why wrapped herself like a mummy? hehe…

      Ian is quite ‘si man’ when sleeping, but my girl can turn 360 degree or 180 ‘chou lou’

    5. Mine still sleeps face-down, crouching & her legs tucked under, just like when she was a baby. 🙂

    6. That’s the best way to sleep leh! All bundled up and feeling secure.

    7. wah shes so smart leh can wrap herself

    8. wah…Emily so pandai that she wraps herself until like that? qiqi din even wanna use her blanket, even it is cold. Rather just curl herself up!

    9. hehehe Emily is so cute!! Mine kicks the blanket away and then says, “Mama, cold!!!!” DUH!

    10. Too cold is it? 😛

    11. like baby wor….

    12. hahahahaha! she is soo funny!
      How she do it?

    13. My first impression is, she likes to sleep like a newborn baby…how cute!

    14. lol looks like she swaddled herself nicely like a little baby…

    15. Haha.. cute!

    16. Ha,ha..sooo adorable, I love Emily!!! I bet you don’t want to know my boys sleeping style….so rough…he,he..but, the funny is, when the air con is off, automatically, they will go to a place where it is more cooler under the fan….he,he