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    • When Emily Is Right, She Is Happy…

      Emily developed a habit of saying this: “I told ya” & “I don’t like”. She gets the kick out of picking on mummy’s people’s mistake and correcting them. She will be very happy if she is right and I am wrong. Just to excite her, I purposely do it wrong. Shh …shhh please don’t tell her that.

      Mummy: Please go get your pajamas in the ironing room
      Emily: It is not in the ironing room
      Mummy: Not there meh? Where is it?
      Emily: It is in the old room, come see. *mummy followed her*
      Emily: See I told ya!
      Mummy: 😉


      Emily: Not like that one, it is like this. *fixing her toys*
      Mummy: Huh?
      Emily: I told ya!


      Mummy: Please go play your toys. *mummy busy watching 7pm TVB series*
      Emily: I don’t like.
      Mummy: Go do your homework.
      Emily: I don’t like.
      Mummy: *ignore her*
      Emily: Mummy, I don’t like doing things.
      Mummy: What you want to do?
      Emily: I don’t know.
      Mummy: Go to the fridge and get yourself a sweet.
      Emily: I like *run away*

      Published on April 22, 2008 · Filed under: Emily;

    11 Responses to “When Emily Is Right, She Is Happy…”

    1. Ah…the things a Mummy does out of love.

    2. har har…it does make her happy when she is right…

    3. hahhahah eat sweet she like! pandai!

    4. hehe. it does make her happy correcting u

    5. haha..must have learned it somewhere?

    6. clever ah,like sweet!

    7. later teeth pain pain, sure cry cry 🙂

    8. ya, sometimes they will force us to say YES n agreed with them…else cry lor…

    9. haha ur emily reli cute… smart lil girl

    10. wah….Emily has got “character” liao, hahaha!!!

    11. Haha… mummy also very clever to please Emily like that.