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      I always thought my children were small eaters. They don’t really each much. One day Emily was sick so I had to take care of her at home. However my babysitter helps me to cook for her. She brought her food over. Wow, it was a big portion. I said to myself, can she finished all. I wonder does she feed her this much everyday?

      I was amazed that Emily finished 90% of the bowl above. 😯 Funny, yet after coming back from babysitter, having eat that much, they still say their hungry. :think: During the weekend, they only can eat 1 small bowl of rice with dishes. Both of them take very long to finish their rice. When it comes to cakes, ice-cream or satay, they can gobbled it down very fast. Children…sigh.

      Published on April 23, 2008 · Filed under: Food;

    16 Responses to “Small Eaters”

    1. yalor…when Lyon with my MIL, she can finish whole bowl of rice with fast motion too…with me..haiz…cannot finish plus super slow!!!

    2. same with my son. I guess they’re used to nanny’s cooking. Hmmmm

    3. same here….Jeriel can finish a lot in grandparents home but with us..aiyo…funny…

    4. that’s a big portion for a lil girl … me even only can finish half … hahaha – diet.
      But kids always buli their parents…. same case as my boy … why har ??

    5. sometimes it cld be diff ppl’s cooking make kids eat more. just like my kids keep on eating my cooking and when they go to my in laws’s hse or when i my mom, kids eat a lot sometimes.. diff taste.. sometimes they hv their ‘fav’ food..

    6. i think children know who to bully… if my maid feed my son, takes him 1hour or more to finish, if i feed within 20m can finish… coz he knows he has to finish it else mummy will b angry

    7. How true that is! Bryan picks on his porridge during the weekends but wallops them with my MIL on weekdays. No difference in the cooking cos both times also my maid cooks. I suspect they want to play with us 🙂

    8. keke…they saja main main us eh 😛

    9. My girl oso dislike to eat rice. Everything else she can eat vy fast. But rice, she can take forever.

    10. I think it’s the same universally for all kids. Belle eats so well only at my inlaws house..but once she’s back home..aiyo..we have to run after her. But, nowadays, she’s not eating well..always fermenting the food in her mouth. Already, lagi susah! *pening*

    11. kids just like bullying their parent

      Like Eli, he can finish the whole bowl of porridge when feeding by maid, but just finished half bowl if feeding by me, sigh..

    12. Growing up phase, sure makan banyak 😀

    13. Jefferene said on

      Nanny cooks better than mummy? 🙂

      My girl is opposite, she eats more at home. My nanny been complaining of her not so good appetite.

    14. Wow.. that’s a lot of rice Emily is having!
      Mine is probably 1/3 of the portion.

    15. Count my boys in….true, the funny part, when my mom or babysitter feed them, they can eat a lot, but, when weekend, seeing their mommy, their appetite reduce…ha,ha

    16. Errr….not commenting much, since the answer is rather obvious…hehe…just kidding!
      I guess kids have their moods too…sometimes they like a certain kind of food and sometimes they don’t. So just don’t force them to eat when they say no 🙂