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    • Telling Tales

      Guess which of the 2 children I have always tell tales? Both actually do. When one did wrong, the other one will run to me and tell what naughty things the other one did. Constantly I will get reporting from them. They are always hoping that I will scold the other one. Fortunately I don’t have more than 2 else I need more ears.

      Here is what I get day in day out.

      Emily: Kor kor push me and I hurt my finger.

      Tim: Emily naughty or, take my toys and spoil it

      Emily: Kor kor didn’t do homework.

      Tim: Emily didn’t drink milk.

      Emily: Kor kor draw on uncle table and uncle scold. Uncle said to Tim, “You got money to pay for the table”

      Tim: Emily didn’t listen to papa.

      Emily: Kor kor eat all my grapes, no more for me.

      … goes on….

      Published on April 25, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Telling Tales”

    1. *headache* heheh

    2. thank God so far i have only one notti girl and she admits to all her notti doings. she is a proud bullier!

      i guess maybe when they started to learn to complaint, i always ask whether did they do anything notti. in away, they are equally notti. complaint to mommy, both will get scolding! so better dun complaint 😆

    3. i think in a yr or two im sure my kids will b like urs… now i onli have 1 keep telling me tales…

    4. Hahaha..doesn’t it sound like mozzies ngi ngi ngau ngau beside your ears? LOL!

    5. In a way it’s good too coz u’ll always know wat they’ve up to. 🙂

    6. Hee hee.. so cute.
      Mine currently is telling tales on herself.

      Mummy, I spilled the ribena on the sofa.
      Mummy, I beat meimei just now.