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    • Guess What’s This?

      Lately I have been very busy with a project so I will keep this post short. Guess what’s this?

      P/S: To make it more interesting since you all asking for prize. I will send 2 of these to you if you guess it right. :think: The first one who gets it correct.

      Published on May 7, 2008 · Filed under: Toys;

    13 Responses to “Guess What’s This?”

    1. err light? reminds me of mcD ice cream actually 🙂

    2. I was also going to guess light because of the wires behind it. But then i noticed that it is not connected to the cones.

      Guess right got prize ah… :p

    3. Magictree said on


    4. Sharpener!

    5. light? sharpener?

    6. michelle said on

      Everyone: Actually the wire behind is for my iPhone, not for the “thing”. :giggles:

    7. Hmm… got a small lubang on top of the Md’s Cone wor… Err….. some sort of a decoration for a Christmas tree ? 😛

    8. Apa ni? Kids bubble bath??
      My wild guess.

    9. u also conduct contest ar! 😆

      my guess: kind of sand make ice cream cone!!

    10. har..what is it…hmmmmm not easy wor…

    11. The ice-cream cone is filled with bubbles soap, isn’t it? I believe the ice-cream part can be twisted to open it..and it should have a stick in there just so it can be dip into the bubble soap…and blow bubbles out of it. I’m so bad with description..hahaha..

    12. Aisay, Vien beat me to it. It’s a bubble play container…it contains the bubble solution and kids can blow bubbles with it.
      I saw it in Toys R Us last week.

    13. i remember i saw this before, but cant remember what it is!!