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    • Mother’s Day Goodies

      My church has a special mother day’s program on Sunday. First we were given a small little token appreciation from the youth group. We received prayers from the church. Mothers do need constant prayers so that we will bring our children up according to His will.

      After that, we have a Sunday School Mother’s Day program. Here I played dual roles where I am a teacher as well as a mother. We had fun games and we taught the children how to make delicious fruit platters for their mothers. How lovely! I had 2 boxes of delicious fruit platters. Emily brought it to me and said “Happy Mother’s Day!!” A few seconds later, Emily came around and said “Mummy, my tummy wants to eat the fruit” *roll eyes*.

      We also had a fruit arranging contest for the mothers to show their skills. The team consists of a mother, a child and the child’s teacher. I was a teacher here. Everyone was so enthusiastic on creating a center piece. We had fun! Believe me I never do any decorating of fruits in my life. Opps I think I did when I was in secondary school for home science. Guess what, my team came up first and we won a bouquet of flowers. It just made my day! :jump:

      The day ended up with a cell group gathering at a church friend’s house. She told every mother to come celebrate together as she said no mothers are allowed to cook today. It was very nice of her to open her house. She made very delicious beef stew too!. It was really a cool day for me and a very enjoyable one. Nothing can beat having a Mother’s Day celebration with friends. How did your Mother’s Day went?

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      Published on May 13, 2008 · Filed under: Special Day Event;

    8 Responses to “Mother’s Day Goodies”

    1. you have so much fun hor!

    2. Mamajo said on

      Wow, you indeed really enjoy it so much… after had lunch with my mom, proceed to watch ‘Iron Man’ movie…he,he

    3. you are the teacher and can be part of the contest also? conflict of interest woh.. 😛

    4. michelle said on

      Zara’s mama: All teams have to have at 1 teacher. The objectives are to build relationship with the children’s mothers and have fun together.

      Wei, you been doing a lot of SOBC lately, issit? Hehehehe

    5. Mine was a quiet time at home. 🙂

    6. you really have fun on that big day ah!

    7. glad to hear that you had a wonderful mother’s day

    8. So you were teacher and mother in your team ah? Congrats…but so busy and happy jumping for joy that you forgot to take photo?