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    • Fun With Fruits

      Remembered the mother’s day fruits arrangement contest that I had won. Here are the pictures of it. The pictures are taken by my friend and I had to wait for him to process it. Enjoy!

      It was done by a mum, her daughter and me. A team must consist of a mum, a child and a teacher. She is from Korea and very creative too. I cannot take all the credit but it was a team work. We just work together. Funny thing is we ran out of grapes, I had to turn over and take some grapes from her son. He was reluctant to give until I said, hey it is for your mom. He gave it all to me. It was fun!

      Published on May 19, 2008 · Filed under: Special Day Event;

    12 Responses to “Fun With Fruits”

    1. no bad…very creative. 😀

    2. Looks so good, so “mm-seh-tuck-sek” 😛

    3. Mich, that is beautiful…wah..u very creative also wor…haha

    4. wah very nice leh

    5. no wonder u won la.. its nice

    6. So, what happen to all the fruits after the contest is over? Makan? Hahaha..

    7. michelle said on

      Vien: Admire it for a while and later eat it all up…kekeke. Actually the mom took it home.

    8. wah no wonder u won… reli nice n creative

    9. wow… this is really creative…

    10. very beautifully done!

    11. that is the fruit! very nice and creative!

    12. Very nice… very unusual and creative.