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    • Back From Cameron

      I am back! It was a great trip up in Cameron Highlands. The air was so fresh and you do not need any fan or air-cond up there. It saves a lot of electricity there. However you need hot water though. Cameron Highland has changed so much since I last went which was when I was in primary school. Now it has lots more plantations.

      Tea Plantation

      However because of the school holidays, many people went up there for vacations. The roads were congested.

      Sorry, I will blog more about my trip later. Lots of very interesting things happen that I would like to share. I guess you have to wait.

      I just finished reading most of the blogs on my Google reader and check all my work emails. This week will be real busy for me and also a special week for me too. :giggles:

      Some of the goodies I got:

      Published on June 3, 2008 · Filed under: Travel;

    6 Responses to “Back From Cameron”

    1. love cool places like genting and cameron. how nice able to stay there hor…

    2. I love Cameron too, but, due to my dizziness, only went once…he,he….

    3. can’t wait your “interesting things” 🙂

    4. I’m sure u and ur family had a wonderful time up in the Highlands. *waiting patiently for the ineresting things*

    5. yay…me going there in july 😛

    6. can make strawberry milkshake liao…. 🙂