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    • Flowers Finally

      Hubby got me flowers. How sweet of him. Like many other moms, we said that flowers are waste of money. However it feels great to receive a bouquet once in a blue moon. He didn’t just get me flowers but got Emily a bouquet too. Emily was pretty happy and excited. Maybe it is her first bouquet of flowers. She kept thanking her daddy.

      Peculiarly, she said that flowers are for gals only. Now how did she learn that, I have no clue.

      Emily changed her mind about the digital camera which saves me RM200. She couldn’t decide what she wanted. I decided it for her and here is what she got. Pst Pst…it cost only 7% of the digital camera. Sometimes children do not need expensive toys to enjoy themselves. Simplicity can really makes them happy.

      Thanks Jeriel & Chanel for the books.

      Published on June 5, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    13 Responses to “Flowers Finally”

    1. happy birthday both mommy & dotter. aiks…why a bag of balls kekek

    2. wow….. so nice! Happy Birthday!!

    3. Oh..daddy so thoughtful, to get two bouquet of flowers. So nice!
      Kids always like to balls huh.

    4. wow, even Emily received the flowers..wooo…your hubby is really lovely !!

    5. michelle said on

      Jazz: Put the balls into the swimming pool w/o water. They can have hours of fun. Try it.

    6. Happy birthday to both of you June babies!

    7. Happy Birthday to You and yr gal too!

    8. oh how sweet n thoughtful of ur hubby getting 2 bouquet of flowers for both u n emily
      ei dat was a very good price for the bag of balls

    9. I can imagine u smiling from inside out and Emily grinning away when both of u received the bouquets of flowers. Sooooo sweet!

      The balls reminded me of the time when we met in Kizsport. The bag of balls enough to fill the swimming pool?

    10. Wow, just the balls?? It really save you tone of money lor….I really scare to ask my kids what they want….he,he..

    11. wow..nice flower….hmmmmm when will I get has been a long time…

      Kids are very simple…a small gift will make them very very happy…

      Hope she like the books..Jeriel was asking me who am I giving the books too hi hi…

    12. happy birthday! those are beautiful and thoughtful flowers from ur hubby! how sweet of him!!

    13. Magictree said on

      Happy Belated Birthday. Wow! Emily already received a bouquet of flowers at such young age.