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    • Cameron & Car Trouble

      Now with the rise of petrol price, we will think of alternatives to reduce our expenses. However it will have the ripple effect on many things and sooner everything will go up in price. Let’s hope it will be under control.

      My friend drives a diesel car and he claims that the fuel consumption is low. It can go a long way with a full tank. He drove it up to Cameron. By the way, my family went to Cameron Highlands for a Church Family camp. We have about 85+ people. Anyway after the 3rd day of camp, his car couldn’t start because of the cold weather. With diesel car, you need to warm up the car. We all decided to help to push start. After the 4th time with the car going back and forth, it started. On the last day, returning home, the same thing. I did help in pushing too. Fortunately will all our help and God’s blessing, the car decided to run again. So much for diesel car in cold weather.

      I must say that Cameron is a land of strawberry. I love the fresh strawberry ice-cream and it taste real good. If you go up there, you must try it. Talking about strawberry ice-cream, I must tell you about Emily. She dozed off after lunch while we are going out for sight seeing. Hrmm…so much for sight seeing, I thought I had to carry her around. Anyway when she heard and saw the strawberry ice-cream. Her eyes were as big as the strawberry. :giggles:

      There were lots of strawberry farms out there. Some of them, you can pluck, pick and buy. I got a box for RM5. It doesn’t taste as sweet as the ones from US. Next to buy are sweet corns. You can eat it raw, yes without steaming. It tastes just as sweet. Flowers are everywhere but I will not buy them because when you take them back to the hot weather, it will not last.

      Vegetables are fresh and ample supply. The next best thing to do with the cold weather is have steam boat. Yummy…we eat and sang all night.

      Tim came back with a bad rash. I suspect is the hard water and some say that it may contain pesticide chemical in the water. However with application of calamine lotion, he feels much better now.

      Map of Cameron Highland here.

      Published on June 6, 2008 · Filed under: Travel;

    8 Responses to “Cameron & Car Trouble”

    1. LOL! Everyone got excited when the car started to move…

    2. michelle said on

      Vien: Actually in that video, the car moved because the men were pushing. It didn’t start. The next pushed got it started. The cheering was to give moral support. 😛

    3. hey so got rain ah in camerons?

    4. Steamboat!! I love it, but, when we go Cameron, we can only watch people eat, cause hubby cannot take it…:(

    5. sounds like Jeriel…he can sleepy n tired but the word ICE-CREAM will change everything…

    6. I’m also a love of strawberry ice cream…

    7. it has been quite sometime since i went to cameron. really missing this cool place after seeing your photos…

    8. For the last few years, hubb and I have been going to Camerons every year. I love the steamboat at watercress farm and fried fresh mushrooms there. I think this year we’ll have to skip. Will wait till Dy is a little older (and Bry a little more kuai) before we’ll go again.