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    • Long Day

      It has been a long day because I drove from Ipoh to Penang. Hubby covered KL to Ipoh. It was a relaxing drive because not many cars on the road. Not many irritating tailgating car that said move out of the way!

      Where did I go? I went back hometown so that my parents can have fun with my children. Showering & pampering them, that’s what grandparents do. I shall not take that away from them. For me, I went home for my mom’s cooking. Her soups are the best. In Hokkien, it is “ho liao!” Well, we Cantonese loves to drink soup and eat toong sui (aka soup dessert), which is much lacking in the Hokkien world.

      Anyway, here is a picture where my children had fun and it is free. Anyone recognized where this is? If you don’t, ask your children. :giggles:

      Yeap, it is the Ikea Free Indoor Playground which needs to Q.

      Published on June 9, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Long Day”

    1. ikea?

    2. Magictree said on

      Must be IKEA !!!

    3. wah…so many BALLS!!!

    4. IKEA…..

    5. Never been inside Smaland, but it HAS to be Ikea…the balls look like oranges though.

    6. You think the hokkiens are lack of soup and toong sui? You should see the shanghaiese.

    7. Got this kind of playground in Ipoh??