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      Let me reveal what Emily wants on her cake. Here ya go:

      I must give it to Eden cake house again who can draw exactly what was given to them. Bravo. I always admire people who can make great designs with cakes. It takes great skills to do that which I do not have patience for.

      I would like to capture all the birthday cakes that my children have since 1 year old.

      Emily’s 4th birthday:


      Emily’s 3rd birthday:


      Emily’s 2nd birthday:


      Emily’s 1st birthday:


      Timothy’s 6th birthday:


      Timothy’s 5th birthday:


      Timothy’s 4th birthday:


      Timothy’s 3rd birthday:


      Timothy’s 2nd birthday:


      Timothy’s 1st birthday:

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    19 Responses to “Flashbacks on Birthdays”

    1. I notice Emily likes all the “boy” stuff like Cars, Thomas, Tigger..hehe…

      Did you bake Emily’s first bday cake?

    2. wahh…she chose a car cake keke…she’s like my girl, don’t like those princess looking cake :|.

    3. hehe….emily also like Faythe, like all those car cartoons 🙂

    4. All the cakes design are so lovely. Hmm..must really consider Eden cake house the next time.

    5. all lovely n nice cakes….

    6. What a great idea to post them all together like this. Its lovely simply lovely. Next you should post up the presents you gave them for each of their birthdays for keepsakes. Next time you can show it to them. Hehe.

    7. Magictree said on

      Wah…she’s 5 already? I thought she was younger!
      All that my children had for cake is ice-cream cake because they don’t like cakes, so the parents get to choose their own liking!

    8. wow..Emily’s cakes like those for boys 🙂

    9. michelle said on

      Magictree: She is 4 only but she got 2 cakes for her 4th birthday. Thanks to Vien. 😉

    10. michelle said on

      Vien: Why it looks bad, issit? :giggles: It is a cheese cake from Secret Recipe.

    11. i noticed that the cake gets bigger and bigger every year!

    12. michelle said on

      sasha: As the grow they have more friends to share. 😉

    13. wow!!!!!!!!! emily likes boys’ toys?

    14. did you save the chequered flag bit for me? 🙂

    15. It seem Emily’s cake most of it like boy stuff?? I like the cupcakes, and plan to order for Jona coming birthday next month..mind letting me know where you order it? Can order from KL?

    16. anggie@jeremy said on

      yah, i m very amazed with people can deco super nice cake … not everyone can do that !!

    17. To hv nice designs on the cake, usually hv to get a big cake (at least 1.5 or 2kg). And like wat most said, Emily prefers more boyish designs eh?

    18. wow..this is cool. lucky i can bake i will sure make beautiful cake for sona every year hehe

    19. Hi! Angeleyes led me here…WHICH baker made the Thomas and Lightning McQueen cakes??? Got to check it out soon for my boy’s birthday before my baby comes LOL