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      Tim was very afraid to stay in a hotel when he was 2. Every time we have a vacation, I have difficulty with him. We entered the hotel, he will stick to me like a panda. Refuse to let me go. That was before Emily was born. I still could not figure out his phobia. He didn’t have any problem when he was 1.

      Now, every now and then, he will ask me when will I bring him to stay in a hotel. He will like any hotels. When he reached the room, he will climb on the bed with Emily and jump around. It is like his indoor playground. Maybe our bed is not as good as the hotel.

      Most of all, I am glad both Tim and Emily can sleep anywhere without any problem. Just like mom and dad. 😛

      Published on June 13, 2008 · Filed under: Travel;

    13 Responses to “Hotel Experiences”

    1. Oh yea..hotel beds are FUN! Can boink boink boink! I would jump on it too.

    2. my girls also love hotel room because they could jump higher on their bed! 😀

    3. hehe…same like my kids they can sleep anywhere like the parents too 🙂

    4. hotel bed very nice to jump..all kids will jump first thing arrive hotel…

    5. weird yeah….tot all kids love hotel rooms. but luckily Tim does not have such phobia anymore.

    6. Des too loves to goes to stay in hotel rooms and she treats them as her ‘new’ room and often asks us when we are going to the ‘new’ room again.

      Hahaha! Dat’s the only place (bed) where they can jump whenever and however they like without us shouting at them not to jump on the bed.

      Luckily Des doesn’t have any problems sleeping anywhere too, it’s her mommy who can’t sleep on ‘strange’ bed *duh*.

    7. Magictree said on

      My boys always ask which hotel we’re going next?
      Actually, I also like!!

    8. Have your kids started tumble turning on the hotel beds yet? I know I LOVED doing that when I was a little girl!

    9. I think most kids will like the hotel’s room, something different and they can have fun, especially the bath tub, my son loves to play in it very much 🙂

    10. Good thing Tim outgrew his hotel phobia. My kids r not such good sleepers but they usually sleep well in hotels coz edi tired out.

    11. Good to hear it..but, definitely not for Jona and me…we only have first time sleepless….rest of the days will be no problem..ha,ha

    12. Haha, I brought my Sethy to stay in the hotel when he was only 3 months old! Now, come to think of it, I was so daring! Btw, just wanna tell you that your little darlings are very cute!

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