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      I got this for myself on my birthday. I love shopping at knick knacks gift shop. The moment I saw the picture frame, I fell in love with it. The branch is made out of steel where the apple frames are magnetic. I like the black branch but that comes with heart shape frames. I like the apple frames better. It costs only about RM12.

      I went home and printed Tim & Emily photos with my Canon Printer that can print photo quality pictures. Cut it in apple shape and wah lah…a nice office deco. Not only that, I can stare at my children‘s picture every day when I am work. They give me the joy and clear my stress.

      By the way, the picture above is created using Office 2007. Recently I just upgraded it and I really like the appearance of the Outlook 07 and the features of PowerPoint 07 which can produce professional presentation slides. It has a nice user interface. Only setback, Microsoft changed the user interface concept which I have to relearn. I have a guru sitting behind me who can help me. :giggles:

      Published on June 14, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Knick Knacks”

    1. Wow, only RM12, mine cost me RM24, and it is in wheel mill – in round shape….and now, my target is on digital photo frame…keh,keh..not sure where I can get those except US, I guess…..still searching

    2. wah nice apple tree :).

      i don’t quite like the office 2007..interface totally changed 🙁

    3. Very nice pic frame! Good purchase i have to say

    4. I thought that picture frame looked new… haha… but I didn’t ask because I just figured I had not noticed it before. You’re right though, one can find many many cool things in knick-knack shops.

      And as for Office 2007, I suppose it takes a little getting used to lor…you know, your “guru” had trouble finding out how to “Save As…” when she first used it on the first day! 😛

    5. michelle said on

      Giddy Tigress: Thanks for the spelling. No wonder I cannot find it in the dictionary!

    6. the frames do look nice n colourful….

    7. nice frame!
      the office 07 took me quite some time to find the “save as”! and i hate it all save as the new format as default!

    8. aiyah, rupanya not only me have the problem on save as… LOL

    9. eh, i like it too la! dont know KL got or not..
      hope u get well soon..