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    • Feeling Sick

      All started on Friday, I think it was the Economy rice. I swallowed something that smell bad. I had diarrhea on Saturday, purging 3 times. I was still alright as I could follow Emily to music class and cooked a nice herbal chicken for a friend get together dinner.

      Sunday came, my body was aching and I had a bad headache. I had to leave church after the morning service. I went home, drank lots of water and slept a lot. I mean a lot. I had porridge the whole day until it was tasteless for me to eat anything.

      Monday, still purging but not very frequent. I had 100 Plus to ensure that I get glucose and energy in me. I went to work but tummy was still upset. I felt like drifting in work.

      I never get fever, no matter how sick I am. Maybe I should say it out loud so that the jinx will come. Nah, it never happens. You may think I am silly to want to have fever. Without fever, I cannot get MC. It is so very sad. Tummy grumbling again, I got to go.

      Published on June 16, 2008 · Filed under: Myself;

    14 Responses to “Feeling Sick”

    1. alamak salah makan… hope u get well soon, ei ur co policy ka no fever no mc

    2. err….food poisoning also can get mc mah…y must have fever?

    3. The “no fever no mc” rule is senseless. I will insist on an mc, if I feel not well to work, never mind fever or not. Just imagine if you are giddy and want to pengsan, but no fever, don’t tell me you are expected to work?

      Anyway, just wanted to tell u that you looked fine at work today. Take care and have a good rest.

    4. never heard the without fever no mc thingy…what is u have terrible tummy cramp…also hv to go to work arh? i pray that u will get well speedily. 😉

    5. So teruk like that! Food poisoning cannot get MC! Anyway,hope you feel much better now. Like me, I also cannot get fever one…hehe

    6. aiyo…u better go see doc liao. take care

    7. my co’s MC rules also ridiculous….if i cannot get MC when sick, I just rest and nap at rest room until time to go back.

    8. Magictree said on

      “Never get fever,no matter how sick I am” …wow that was some strong immune system you have! Do take care….

    9. michelle said on

      Everyone: Not company policy but only some panel doctors policy. Oh well, fortunately I have a good boss. 😉

      Thanks you for all your cares and concerns. I am feeling a little bit better now. Still got a little purging.

    10. aiyo…you ok now? not easy running in n out toilet

    11. Hope you get well soon. Should have taken a few days off and rest at home mar.. 🙂

    12. what, diarrhea too? My hubby and I also got diarrhea on Saturday. I took tonic water and I actually felt better.

    13. ada lagi pangsai?! hehe..saw you online just now, so i guess the answer is no?

    14. haiyoh…sick until like this, no fever also can give mc what?