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    • Master Tigress Somersault

      Hey you must get this cool toy for your children. Hubby got this for Emily and Tim got the Kungfu Panda. No other toy can do a perfect somersault like Master Tigress. Hehehe..makes me sound like a kid again. Where to get it? No other than the burger toy store called McDonald. Here is the video of how Master Tigress does a perfect 10 somersault.

      Published on June 17, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Master Tigress Somersault”

    1. This toy is interesting..hmm..i might get some Mickey D kids meal today.

    2. wow,it really can somersault, very steady..
      and i noticed your fingers too..very slim 🙂

    3. Cheh…how come when I went to Mc-D’s they didn’t have this one? I ended up with Tai Long instead…that one can do twist kick oni. I also want to get a Master Tigress now….

    4. hmm i nvr check out if they have it here but will try n get in wen we are in kl heheh

    5. wah cool keke…seems like i gotta eat mcd again

    6. Interesting.. hahaha

    7. i hardly buy toys from Mc D coz scared it will turn into a habit.

    8. Saw it too but hub don’t want to buy for the girls, he commented our house too many toys liao!

    9. ha,ha….toy from McD…count on me….I got for my kids – snake, tiger and monkey..don’t know the name yet but after see the movie, will know